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Felix Competitions was founded by Kyle Roberts.
An ex-Ammunition Technician serving with Chester Troop,
521 Squadron, 11 EOD Regiment.

The Journey

During his time in the EOD world, he completed his NO.2 IEDD Operators course and Blue Lights Advanced Driving, allowing him to part-take in live duties in the UK.

In February 2017, he was selected for an operational EOD tour of Northern Ireland, covering a high threat area and rendering several devices safe. Upon leaving the army, Kyle struggled integrating back into civilian life.

The idea for ‘Felix Competitions’ was born whilst he was wondering how to raise a good amount of money for Military Charities.

Instead of the usual methods for raising money for charities, he came up with a competition website that could regularly donate with the chance for member’s to win large amounts of money, gadgets and other prizes.

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